Online Store for Already Established Business

Online Store for Already Established Business

Online Store for Already Established Business

Online shopping grows incredibly for the last decade. Modern people who are so busy with their daily routine find online shopping more comfortable because they do not have to go to mall or somewhere far from their places. Mobile devices also plays important role because the store is now at the size of your palm. For that reason, although you already have land-base store, it is imperative to have online store to catch up the growth of online shopping.

Since you already have established business, it may seem easy to run online store. Just build one and lets people buy your product online. However, it is not that simple because the online world is different.

Okay, you get the advantages of your popularity in land world. It would make it easier for online promotion. However, people are very sensitive and careful, especially with something related to price and services. As they have the world in their palm, it is very easy to compare one store to another. Thus, you need to maintain competitiveness with others.

Since you already have land-base store, setting the price could be tricky since people may compare the in-store price and online price. Recently, most giant retailers put the price identical on their in-store and online store. You can follow the trend and try to compensate for a deliver cost. If you also want to follow the trend of free shipping, you need to make better calculation and limit your free shipping to several areas.

Online Store for Already Established Business

Since you need the both stores to gain success, fill the hole between online and offline marketing. You can start it from promotion. You can do the promotion in both sides. For your online store, you may display online sale notifications in your land-base store and vice versa. You can also display coupons in both stores.

Then, try to make connection between your land-base store and online store. For example, you give incentive for shoppers who browse online and buy in-store; and give different incentive to shoppers who browse in-store and buy online.

Last but very important is to ensure best service at both stores. If you already gaining people trust at land-base store for your excellent service, try hard to make your online service excellent in it ways. It will make your name stronger in both worlds.

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