Make the Online Store Support Social-Shopping

Make the Online Store Support Social-Shopping

Social shopping or hanging out with friends and shop together could bring enormous profit to the store. When people shop together, they tend to buy more. It is because seeing the others buy something may make them what the same product. In different case, people buy more because they do not want to lose from the others.

Make the Online Store Support Social-Shopping

Social shopping is commonly occurring at mall where people gather and visit one store to another. However, as the world is changing to be more online, social shopping may also occur at online world. In fact, the activities are more interesting because it could involve more people because it is possible to have social shopping from distant. In several cases, it is possible to do it from different countries.


In order to gain benefit from the trend, you need to make your online store supportive to social shopping. First, you need to understand how social shopping works in online world. Since the location is online world, the process would be different from real world. The group does not meet at the mall, but they commonly meet in social media. They share pictures, links, and comments.


The most important thing is to make your online store mobile friendly because people are now using smartphone to interact. Everything, including promotional page should be made to fit mobile device screen.


It is important for your brand to joint social media. Catch people attention with informative posts and occasional promotional offers. Create good interactions with your shoppers by responding to the comments wisely.


Having reference program is a good idea to gather people. Give them a nice bonus such as gift card of special discount if they could send reference. If you give bonus, it would be better if they could give the bonus to someone else. It will bring more people to know your store and your products.


Hold contests occasionally. Contests are fun and become the reason to gather. People love it so much and you can gain more profit.


To take more advantages from the growing trend you can make bridge between the gap of online and offline marketing. For example, it is possible to place order online and pick it in-store.

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