How to Design Successful Online Store

How to Design Successful Online Store

The design of online store may determine your success. First impression is matter because this is the starting point whether visitor will continue to browse your store or close it to find more interesting store. User-friendly and how the store respond to visitor action is important because people do not want to waste hours to read policies or wait the web to respond. People will immediately find another store that easy to understand and responsive.

 How to Design Successful Online Store

To design successful online store, you need to make research and make notes. Depend on your products and target market; you need to know what your buyer’s needs and expectation from your website. If you could no make field study, you can visit the similar online stores. Check out what they use on the web and how they make the website. If it possible, you need to check comments from visitors. It will give you hints of what they actually need from the online store.


On your research, do not only visit successful website but also visit the others that not so successful. If successful online stores will give you hints of what you should do and what to be copied, the not so successful will give you information about what you should not do and what to avoid. It is important because knowing the bad and avoiding it will send the trouble away.


One thing you need to pay attention is the navigation because it bond to usability of the site. Make the navigation clear and easy to find products. Next, placement the promo offers in perfect space that will catch people eyes. Then, you need to pay attention to the use of colors because it linked to psychology of people who see it. Good colors will make good impression and bring happiness.


When designing online store, you need to make innovation and be different from others. Although you may copy something, do not make the website identical with the other. People will not love it because they will think you only a duplicator or a fake that offers something low quality. Be creative is important to make the online store eye-catching and useful.

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