Challenges of Online Store

Challenges of Online Store

Every business must faces challenges. Although online selling sounds easy and promising, there are big challenges that could make your business failed and destroyed. What kind of challenges you might face?

People trust is the biggest one. Online process without meeting face to face could build a lot of suspicions and worries. People may suspect you are not legitimate seller. People may suspect you are a scammer. People worry about the security of online transaction. People worry about the abuse of their personal information. People worry about product quality. There could be tons of worries make them decide to cancel the order.

Challenges of Online Store

From a survey in US, it is found that security issues are the top reasons why people hesitant to shop online. With hackers everywhere, people are afraid that their credit card information would be hacked.

This kind of challenge is not easy to solve. You need to gain people trust by making a secure system and explain your policies clearly. To proof you are legitimate seller, you must able to provide good products as you advertised and deliver the best services. Anytime problem arises, you should never avoid it but fix the problem immediately. Having problem is normal, how you handle the problem is the key of success.


The second challenge for online store is social media. Although social media is helpful to promote your business, it could become a knife, which will rip your flesh and create permanent mark.


Information is spreading fast in social media. Once you get bad comment, it may ruin your name. Therefore, it is very important to observe social media regularly and immediately make counteract to the bad comment. Nonetheless, this is something you need to do it very carefully. You should not attack but explain the situation carefully so people will understand what actually happen to your online store and forgive you.


When using social media, you should not abuse it but try to create good interactions with your potential buyers to increase your brand popularity. Try to answer all questions carefully and smartly. Do not post too much promotion but give useful information that people like regularly so people keep on interact with you.

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