Boost Sales with Social Media

Boost Sales with Social Media

Social media turns to be a selling force for the marketing world. Surveys showed that 75% of sales and buying decisions are done through social media evaluations. Business experts also said that the business way and customer relationship has changed drastically because of social media. The conventional traditional way of marketing both offline and online has moved to social media selling. It does not mean the traditional marketing strategy is no longer good but we can improve the effectiveness when combining social media selling with the conventional.

Social media marketing is simple but it is also tactical. It is because we have to reach audience based on their demographics and at the right time with the right source based on the most popular channel at a particular time. Using our networks social media will be able to identify potential prospects as well as gaining intelligence on audience needs and challenges. Such valuable information will open the way to engage them in conversation and give you the chance to email, call or even meet them and present products. Social media have help marketers to uncover new selling opportunities and develop the business relationships.

So, how to increase online sales through social media for beginner? Below we will give you some tips to be successful on social media marketing:

Boost Sales with Social Media
Boost Sales with Social Media

– Defined your brand and services

Before you enter the social media, you have to define brand, products and services first. By doing this, you can determine how you want to be perceived in front of audiences and you will know the right source you need to use.

– Create social media profiles

Next thing to do is to create attracted accounts on social media platforms, whether Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Do not forget to connect your website to all social sites. Make sure you do not have previous information on those pages that will create controversy among visitors and customers. What you write on social media represents your brand, your products and your services, so they must be filled with appealing information to customers only.

– Identify targeted audience

These days, there are many ways you can do to search for targeted audience. You can identify them by what they like, subscriptions and content they shared and viewed. You can also find them through LinkedIn sine it allows you to search for people based on their demographics. The same thing can be done with Twitter and Facebook.

– Build social network with audiences

Next, you need to start building network with the people you know. You can do it by inviting them to like and share the pages you shared. Make a good use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to start the process.

– Identify platforms used by the audience

Knowing the social network platforms used by audience will help you in bringing them to your pages on the same channels. Here, you need to understand where the audience spend most of their time, discuss and share information about topics they liked. If you can identify the platforms, join with the groups and subscribe, you would meet a lot of potential audiences there and maybe convert them to become your subscribers. The result could be better if you can spend more time on the platforms where the audiences spend most of their time

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